Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jack and the Beanstalk

Today we saw a fabulous production of Jack and the Beanstalk, performed by M&M Productions. They performed the play in our hall. All the classes were there.

 Here are our reviews:

It was amazing and it was funny. Alex.
It was fantastic, and my favourite character was Jill. Mary.
It was funny and cool, and my favourite character was Jill. Ugne.
It was funny, interesting and scary, and my favourite character was Jill. Gabriella K.
It was amazingly funny, and my favourite character was the mother because she was so funny.
It was super, and laugh-out-loud. Hollie
Jack was great in the play, because he said nice words. Erika.
It was very funny, and I liked Jill the most. Bernice.
The end was good, when they kissed. Oliwia.
I liked the part when the giant was looking through the mail box. The play was excellent and amazing. Aleen.
The play today was: cool, good, nice, and super. Mehik.
The play was nice and funny. It was excellent, and I liked Jill. Dana.
The play today was classic, excellent and brilliant. I liked Jill because she was so pretty. Nadine.
The play was hilarious, fantastic and brilliant. My favourite character was Jill. She was nice, funny and a good singer. Jemima.
The play was great, funny and unique. Gabriella S.
It's my favourite play now. I loved the bit when Jack and Jill kissed! My only word is Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious! Best play ever! My favourite characters were Jack and Jill. Natalee.
I liked the play because it was funny and a bit scary. Chloe Ca.
The play was funny and weird. Weird because of the giant baby, funny because Jack and Jill are funny together. Chantel.
It was funny and interesting and it had extra parts which was good. It was cool when the giant baby came, but my favourite part was when they told jokes, and when Jill told a joke they didn't get it. Chinazam.
It was hilarious, and so funny when the old woman was dancing and pushing Jack away from Jill. Chloe Collins.

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