Friday, 23 January 2015


On Thursday we went over to the story room, where Mary read us the first few chapters of a fabulous book called Charlie and the Big Snow.

Here's the story so far:

Charlie wakes up to the biggest snow day he ever had but everyone walks over it! So he decides to put the snow in the freezer . When his mam saw the snow in the freezer she goes mad. When Charlie goes to school (late) he has to present his homework about the Romans. He says life in the romans was boring and the teacher gets really cross and doesn't let him play in the snow with his friends so Charlie eats the hamster food ! When the teacher comes back Charlie feels sick and has to go to the secretary's office. A caretaker fixes the fire alarm and Charlie rings it! It's not long till the teachers find out.Charlie is the last child to go out for the dinners. Then Charlie meets a group of older boys and the boys show Charlie how to do naughty things. The head mistress finds out. So there is a bit of explaining to do.

Report by Natalee.

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