Wednesday, 17 June 2015

School Sports Day

Our School Sports Day took place on Tuesday June 16th. The weather was perfect, mild and dry but not too sunny. Firstly we took part in the Skipping Workshop. Next it was on to the Co-operative Games session, followed by Yoga. We were all very relaxed after that, so it was time for a break. After breaktime we had a Dance session in the main yard, where we showcased our moves. After big lunch, we went to the pitch for the Races. We took part in sprints, egg and spoon, sack race and 3 legged race. Next it was time for Traditional Games in the hall, where we played blind man's buff, ship to shore, and catch the tail. Finally, we went back outside for our Ice-cream. We had a wonderful day.
Skipping tips

Taking turns

Co-operative games: parachute

Bounce that ball

Have you seen Ms Doyle's class???

Yoga- stretching up to the sky

Time to dance

Getting warmed up for the races

4th class sprint final

4th class sprint winners

Spud and spoon final

Sack race

Traditional games

Ship to shore

Blind man's buff

Ice-cream time!!

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