Thursday, 26 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

On Friday 20th March there was a solar eclipse visible in the sky over Ireland. It happened in the morning, so we were able to go outside and see it. You cannot look directly at the sun or at an eclipse, so we made pinholes in pieces of card, and we had a sheet of paper. You stand with your back to the sun, and hold up the pinhole card and the sheet behind it. The idea is that the sun shines through the pinhole, and projects the image of the eclipse onto the sheet of paper behind, so that you can see the image safely. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy at the time, so it did not work. However, it did get very dark, as if it was about to pour rain, and it became much colder. When we turned out the lights in our prefab, we were amazed at how dark it was.

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