Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Stray Path- Red Riding Hood

 On Thursday 18th we went to the Town Hall to see the Gonzo Theatre Group's production of Red Riding Hood. It was brilliant! It is the story of what happened to Red Riding Hood's granddaughter.  Here are our reviews:

Hollie: it was super!!!!!              Seana: fantastic!!
Oliwia: we loved it! haunted!    Ruby: very dramatic!!
Gabriella K: scary and funny     Bernice: Hilarious!
Nadine: excellento!!                   Mehik; epic and creepy!!
Chloe Collins: fascinating!!        Mary: it had a good side and a bad side
Jemima: extraordinary!!             Chinazam: magnificient!
Aleen; awesome and creative     Chantel: amazing
Erika: creepy!!                            Dana: fabulous!
Ugne: cool!                                 Chloe Caudilla: weird!!
Alex: suspicious and extraordinary!!
On our way in to the Town Hall

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